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How to 'feel your feelings'

I would never consider myself to be an unemotional person. In fact, I would say that I am more the opposite. I laugh with a cackle that is infamous among my friends, I cry at anything, even a particularly sweet advert on YouTube. I tell my parents I love them, I tell friends I love them. However, if I were to respond honestly any time someone asked me how I am, most of the time it would be that I don’t really know. I’m never really thinking about my feelings, never taking the time to be present in them. Either I’m working and prioritising tasks, or I’m home and doing my best to consume enough media that I don’t have to think about much of anything. This of course means that worries, anger, irritation, and countless other emotions will begin to stack themselves on top of each other, whether I’m paying attention to them or not, and begin to manifest in ways that I have to pay attention to. Tightness in my chest, shortness of breath, blurred vision, headaches.  Now I am forced to be prese

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