He is here (#DepressionAwarenessWeek)

When evening sweeps through the sky
Brushing everything it touches with darkness
He appears, faceless but familiar
Something tangible in the darkness.

 He has a smile like home
Arms that hold me so tight I can't breathe
Eyes that search me for flaws
And tear them to pieces
Tear me to pieces
All the while reminding me that it's for my own good.

 And I have flirted with him
I have wallowed in songs that carry his scent
Swallowed the drinks that strengthen his intent
I have lain awake with him late at night
Skin pressed close and hands held tight
Because I fell in love with the dark in his words
And wanted to twist them into beautiful things.
I wanted to take his power from him.

I thought, if I pretended the sadness was mine it would become mine
That I could control it from the inside.
But he was toying with me the whole time.
Carving his name on the inside of my eyelids
So he was the last thing I saw at night.

He has a kiss that feels like fangs
Pressed into the sides of your heart
And all
You can think
In the throws
Of the pain is "Wow,
"A man that can't bear to let me go again."

I can't tell if I am more scared of his sharp teeth
Or the path of thorns between me and a world where I'm free.
All I know is that when darkness creeps
And in the early hours when the floods of worries leak
He is here, like a hole in the head.

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